Dealer Application Profile

If you'd like to become the newest Auto Dealer One dealer, please click on the link below and complete the dealer application form.   Using the information you provide, we'll complete a dealer agreement for whichever provider company(s) you choose and we'll send these completed documents to you for your signatures.

After you've signed the dealer agreement(s), simply return them to us by email or fax and we'll send them along to the respective provider(s) for their processing.  Please email the dealer application to or you can always fax them to us at (888) 608-0808, (simply press 'send' when the phone is answered.)

When the provider has completed processing, either they or Auto Dealer One will notify you that the process is complete and you will be provided with the website, username and passwords assigned to you.  And, we will call you to provide you with some systems training so that you can create contracts on your own.

Auto Dealer One Dealer Profile (pdf)